Benignora '16

Benignora ’16 – Welcoming the Freshers of DSCE CSE!

I’m used to giving speeches. Birthday speeches, farewell speeches, program about our college speeches, and the list goes on. But this is going to be a first, and something I’ll enjoy doing. Fresher’s speeches. When I looked at all of you, and I gaze into your poor souls, err…sorry, bright faces, I am reminded of the time last year when I was just a mere fresher in the college. I’m not going to be a grandpa and start recollecting stories of the past to bore you all, but instead, this day will mark as a start to your official journey into making your own stories that you can later dream upon.

Welcome to Benignora Twenty-Sixteen. You all might have wondered what the term Benignora actually means? We had the same doubts to. Word of mouth suggested to us that our super-duper seniors selected the name because it apparently meant ‘New Beginning’ in Spanish. 5 minutes of Google Search later, this myth was debunked. The truth is, it really doesn’t mean anything. And yet, we have it, only cause of the significance it was created for… ‘New Beginning’. We follow the very same tradition, a mistake we are proud of, a language we have created. Benignora is the official welcoming of our new year students to the CSE Department, or rather… CSE Family.

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Amruth Pillai Typography

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

I’ve installed WordPress a number of times, and everytime I open up the front page, I am greeted with the default ‘Hello, World!’ post you see above. Now when I try to read it out loud, it almost seems as if it is mocking me.

The first post in a blog is always the hardest, mainly cause you’d never know what it should be about. You want to be able to greet everyone and ask everyone to stay subscribed to what you post, but you also don’t want to make it clichéd. You want to be able to tell everyone what you’re going to be posting on the blog, but only time will tell if you’re actually going to follow it. Everyone dreams of writing diaries every single day, but only when they begin they start to realize, their ‘every day’ isn’t all that interesting.

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